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Students and professionals looking to begin or change careers within the career development field can take our aptitude and qualification test to find the career that best aligns with them.

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Further your career

Professionals can search or browse paths and individual careers to learn more about specific qualifications, available training and more.

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The Nova Scotia Career Development Association is an inclusive not-for-profit organization that provides strategic leadership to career developers in all areas of the field in Nova Scotia. We help career developers improve through membership, professional development, conferences and events, various special projects, and certification.

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Need career advice?

Career developers are the go-to experts who help people make life and career choices. If you need help making decisions about employment or education, you can access the help of a career developer through one of our partner organizations.

Resources for Job Seekers

Competency Evaluation

This easy-to-use online tool allows managers and employees to conduct industry standardized performance reviews based on the National Competency Framework. Each set of questions is tailored to an employee’s specific career to ensure they receive a fair and thorough evaluation and make sure that managers have the information they need to support their team’s development and success.

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Leadership Evaluation

This evaluation allows leadership-focused career development professionals to conduct industry standardized performance reviews and self-evaluations based on the National Competency Framework. The framework defines all 26 competencies required for career development professionals in a leadership role.

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