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The Navigator role is the first point of contact for job seekers, employers, and the community. They field preliminary questions and inquiries to assess the informational needs of the individual and refer them to the appropriate resources.

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Navigator careers include:

Career Development Professional 1
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The Connector role assesses and identifies a client’s needs in a collaborative and client-centred process to ensure their suitability for interventions and service options. This role will support accountability by organizing service delivery that is appropriate, coordinated, and timely to address client needs and desired outcomes.

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The Developer role cultivates relationships and bridges the gap between clients and employers. They assist clients who may be having trouble marketing themselves, along with enhancing and educating the community on employment-related knowledge and skills.

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The Advisor provides services to complex clients and is adept at understanding community and personal boundaries. They are independent and accountable. They ensure service standards are met, staff members are trained, and all aggregate knowledge and practices are adhered to.

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The Counsellor role utilizes skilled counselling techniques to provide career guidance and support to clients facing difficult situations. Counsellors incorporate therapeutic awareness and skills to build and enhance client relationships.

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Counsellor careers include:

Career Counsellor