Field Guide by NSCDA
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The Developer role cultivates relationships and bridges the gap between clients and employers. They assist clients who may be having trouble marketing themselves, along with enhancing and educating the community on employment-related knowledge and skills.

They create, formulate, coordinate, build, and execute.

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Key attributes

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Possess strong problem-solving skills

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Be able to deliver and develop informational sessions

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Be able to research, develop and write workshop content

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Have formal training in case management practices

Additional Requirements

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This career path requires you to be a Certified Career Development Practitioner

Developer Careers

Career Development Professional 3

The Career Development Professional 3 is responsible for assessing an individual’s employment/career needs and identifying those who are suitable for case management. CDP 3s work with these individuals in a collaborative, client driven process.

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Employment Support Practitioner

An Employment Support Practitioner is responsible for creating job opportunities for clients with Market Perception Barriers and identifying how these barriers impact a client’s ability to sustain employment.

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Job Developer

The Job Developer is responsible for creating job opportunities for individuals who have difficulty marketing themselves to employers. Job Developers make a crucial link between the job seeker and the local business community.

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Workshop Facilitator 2

A Workshop Facilitator 2 is a skilled facilitator who not only delivers workshops/training, but researches, designs and develops workshops and materials. They enable group learning sessions designed to lead to enhanced employment related knowledge and skill acquisition.

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Student Career Advisor

A Student Career Advisor develops and enhances relationships with educational institutions, community organizations, service providers, employers/industry partners, and other referral agencies. It is a community-based role identifying, sourcing, building community connections, and promoting services to enhance client outcomes. They work with clients in a variety of settings such as libraries, community centres, or coffee shops.

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