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Find a career that fits you

Career developers are patient, self-motivated life-long learners. They support people through change with integrity and accountability via collaboration. If this sounds like you, this brief quiz will learn about your personality, skills and attributes to help you find the career in the career development field that best aligns with you.

If you’d like to explore careers outside the career development field, a career developer can help you. Our resources page can help you find one.

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I am a natural-born leader.

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I excel working independently.

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I enjoy problem solving
and am good at it.

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I work well 1-on-1 with individuals.

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I'm sensitive to other
people's feelings.

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People say that I'm outgoing.

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I can tell how people are
feeling when I talk to them.

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I enjoy researching to find
the solution to problems.

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When navigating difficult situations, I am able to
keep a level head and find the best way forward.

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I am organized and enjoy developing and
executing administrative processes.

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I prefer to work remotely or
outside of an office environment.

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I have a large network and enjoy
developing professional relationships.

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I come up with advanced and
original new ideas.

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I am able to remain composed
in stressful situations.

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