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The Advisor role provides services to complex clients and is adept at understanding community and personal boundaries. They have a solid understanding of government funded programming, are independent and accountable, and can network and meet employer needs. They also ensure service standards are met, staff members are trained, and all aggregate knowledge and practices are adhered to.

They are experts, mentors, advisors, consultants, instructors, and guides.

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Key attributes

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Possess a solid understanding of workplace culture

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Be accountable to meeting set outcomes

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Be able to seek out new opportunities

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Possess strong self-management skills

Additional Requirements

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This career path requires you to be a Certified Career Development Practitioner

Advisor Careers

Career Development Professional 4

The Career Development Professional 4 provides services to a caseload of highly complex clients. They have a capacity to work with and support all clients regardless of need.

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Career Development Professional 4 – Mobile

The Career Development Professional 4 – Mobile is a community-based role identifying, sourcing, building community connections, and promoting services to enhance client outcomes. They work with clients in a variety of settings such as libraries, community centres, or coffee shops.

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Career Development Professional 4 – Virtual

The Career Development Professional 4 – Virtual is an autonomous, technically competent, and versatile role managing a caseload of clients virtually. Attention to detail, critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making are key skills for this role.

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Employer Engagement Specialist

Employer Engagement Specialists bridge the gap between employers and employees. They also make and enhance community connections.

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Service Lead

The Service Lead ensures service standards are met and staff members are adequately trained. They are a resource of all knowledge and practices, program knowledge, and funding knowledge.

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