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The Connector role assesses and identifies a client’s needs in a collaborative and client-centred process to ensure their suitability for interventions and service options. This role will support accountability by organizing service delivery that is appropriate, coordinated, and timely to address client needs and desired outcomes.

They link, liaise, join, attach, and share.

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Key attributes

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Be able to build good working relationships

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Understand career development theory and applications

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Be able to conduct effective research

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Adhere to confidentiality protocols

Additional Requirements

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The NSCDA offers customized and comprehensive training programs for career developers to expand your knowledge and accelerate your career.

Connector Careers

Career Development Professional 2

The Career Development Professional 2 is responsible for assessing an individual’s employment/career needs and identifying those who are suitable for case management. CDP 2s work with these individuals in a collaborative, client-driven process.

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Workshop Facilitator 1

A Workshop Facilitator 1 enables group learning sessions designed to lead to enhanced employment related knowledge and skill acquisition. They use Adult Learning Principles to tailor group activities towards meeting specific career-life planning needs for diverse client groups.

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Student Career Coach

A Student Career Coach develops and enhances relationships with educational institutions (public school and post-secondary), community organizations, service providers, employers/ industry partners and other referral agencies. They assist students in accessing resources and information required to achieve career goals.

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